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July 8th, 2005

03:11 am - So....what is everyone up too?
Its been both a while since anyone has either updated this, or have i said anything. I guess its summer break for everyone, i hope at least. So you all better be staying up late at nigth playign video games. There is only so much I can do, and you all really need to pick up the slack on that one.

I guess at this point i go into some rant that i try to be funny with, and probebly fail miserably at... so let me give it a go...

For the reason i have failed College Algabra (Math 21) twice, i might add, i am giving it one more vailent attempt. And ohly crap is that class boring. If i can;t keep my attention from wondering for 50 min in a normal semester class it is nearly impossible to do it for a 3 hour intervual. Guess i can only blame myself for this horrid punishment.

I know you hate me for this, but in my new MMORPG, World Of Warcraft my warlock is almost lvl 50. Once i get there is will eb a breeze to get to 60, the highest lvl in the game, and its only been 2 months. Take that FFXI. Enough talking about that.

I'm just wondering how everyone is doing. Beening that it has been a extreamly long time since i have played. That and i have;t deleted my account yet. So i could plausebly pop back on at anytime. But i'm sure everyone has surpassed me completely. Leaving me to be left in the dust. Then i remebered, how much gil do i have on that character. So if i feel motivated to log back on to FFXI and my charcter is still there, some one respond and you'll find somethign in yoru mail box. Might as well leave the game doing some good with it.

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June 16th, 2005

12:26 am - =X >.> Goonies switched to a new linkshell O_O
hi its mabs =/
if u look down \/ XD srr i had to do that... anyways to the point if u look down u'll see what amand (aka uberest 3:D of them all)wrote
=\ yeah some people where REALLY getting tired of myloko
(i wont go over that again if u really wanna know read amand's post)
and since zigg wouldn't kik loko...
<.< and other things that he did >.>
Some of us goonies(most of us we are still trying to get 100%)
made a new ls called UnderRateds
=/ It's really the same jus still getting everyone from the goonies over
anyways u can ask most of the ol' goonies for a linkpearl
(all former goonies get a linksac)
X_X Please don't hate me for doing this X_X
<.< alot of my friends in the goonies where gonna leave i jus wanted them to stay together ; ;
=/ please join the ls \=
=) We REALLY need a ginryu in it too ^.~
X_X don't hate me ginny X_X
I love you!!!! ; ;
P.S. Incase u didn't see my e-mail... I really wanna talk to you gin =/
I hope u get on this weekend
=X If you hate me for doing this you have the right to shoot me in the foot and laugh as u walk by >.> X=
wich btw sounds pretty fun imma try it... O_O
Ok... really wasn't fun =X but you can try i still got 1 left ^^
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Current Music: Gin I can't wait to talk to you

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June 9th, 2005

03:26 am - Hmm..
Found this totally by accident, I've done the LJ thing for a hot minute.. Then I was looking at my interests and was like: "I wonder why they're always lit up like that.. *click FFXI* wow that's pretty spiffy there.. Hey!!! Goonies!?!?" Which lead to me finally getting to the website as well. Though I'm not listed as a member >.< ..

Anyway, I'ma cut this short.

Peace and blessed be.
Current Mood: surprisedsurprised
Current Music: Digital Underground- Same Song

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June 5th, 2005

12:49 am - Every Time Myloko Speaks...
Altana Kills a Goonie.

Yes, my fellow Goonies, I write here today to address something that's been a problem in the LS for as long as I can remember. That problem is Myloko. Who's Myloko you say? She's the one who probably drove you out of the LS long before you got a chance to read this Live Journal.

Why is she a problem?

Moat Carp :D
Moat Carp :D
Moat Carp :D
Moat Carp :D
Moat Carp :D
Moat Carp :D
Moat Carp :D

Imagine seeing that on the LS, but about 4000 times in a row. Imagine someone who inists on giving you a play by play of her fishiong results, as well as every single person she passes in an Area. Then you have Myloko.

Next imagine someone who constantly goe son and on and on and on and on and on and on and onnnnnnnnn about her "Seffy" when the entire LS doesn't GIVE A SHIT! Then you have Myloko.

Imagine a Linkshell that thrives when Myloko is absent from it, then when she comes back, it's newer members flee the absolute annoyance. Then you have the Goonies.

Imagine someone who will not hear a word against herself, but finds it okay to insult others and kick veteran and newer members of the LS without the permission of the Leader. Then, once again, you have Myloko.

Today is was a fight involving Myself, Noxes, and Myloko.

Heres the Breakdown of Solutions.

Removes Noxes From LS - Problem Continues, LS does not thrive.

Remove Amand From LS - Problem Continues, LS does not thrive.

Remove Noxes and Amand From LS - Problem Continues, LS does not thrive.

Remove Myloko From LS - POOF! No more annoyance! Mabs will come back, Rom will come back for good, the newbies to the LS won't flee from the constant barrage of stupidity! Everybody's happy!

Well, I'm done venting now.


Current Mood: pissed offpissed off
Current Music: The Kids Aren't Alright - The Offspring

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May 11th, 2005

12:15 am - Someone saw off my legs.
Well, I'm done with school for a while, finshed classes two weeks ago, then finals, i'm proud to say that i got A's and B's in all of my classes, except math, oh i failed that bitch.
But i digress. Becuase i'm out of school i've gone back into the working force, i never really left but now i get more hours. So my job was just being a chashier for about 10-12 hours a week, then to BAM! I'm in that store about (from what my schedule says) 37-40 hours a week. Heh, hehe heh. Dear god my feet are sore. So now i get to deal with f**king moronic customers every bloody day. Not sure how stupid these people are. I'll give you an example.
Ok, today at about 7:14 pm est i'm closing the coffee shop. Now i have split athourity over the coffee shop and the cafe checkout lines. But i decided since it was dead enough i closes the lanes and went to clean the coffee shop and get done earlier. However I see this, which makes me loose all faith in humanity. I have a sign which i put up that reads the following.

"This lane is closed. For yoru convience our registers in the front end of the store."

That being said this is what happens. A family of three walk up with a cart and a few trays of items. They walk to the counter neglect the sign and watch the moniter. It reads, "Please use next lane." So they back up, go around the news paper island and go into the other isle. Which has the same sign put up on the counter. I can't help but watch these freaking idiots. Thankfully my friend Matt is there, (He works in the liquor store in Food Source) We watch these people. He points out that the registers are closed. They then walk to the front of the store.
Now the previous night a woman, one of a rather old age, walks up to me while i am once again closing the coffee shop. she comes up to me with her tray, neglecting the sign and asks if i can ring her up. Saying, "The moniter says use the next lane. So is this it?"

Here has to be one of my favorites. This is why i will never ever have children.(Mostly impart because i'm painfully singlel. and secondly because i dont want to scurge this earth with my seed.) A mother walks up to me with her two children. She says she has something to confess. Now i'm thinking one of the little s**t's broke something. She continues to explain. "You know that juice dispencer in the produce area?" We have this plastic drink dispencer that we use to give out samples of various drinks, this happened to be apple cider. I say yes what about it. "Well." She went on to say. "My son wanted some of the drink, but their weren't any cups out for it. The moment i turn around he starts drinking from it. Now i don't know what you have to do with it but you may need to clean it."

I'm am standing there in disbelief. I tell her its fine i'll take care of it. And the little bastard doesn't even apologize. Taking the plastic canister back to the stock room i find the produce manager and tell him what happened. He was even more confused then i was. Asking me again what happened i simply explain.

"The kid just gave this thing head."

Why do these people come to my store? I'm sure there is a Giant or a Acme out there that they can take thier mindless antics too.

Next week i'm going to the opening of the third Food Source in Greenville Delaware. So now i get to deal with these people in another state. Wheee.... Eh damnit

One last side note, Sorry to continue to brag on about it but i got the shipping notice from Apple, I'll have my iMac G5 by the end of the week.
Current Music: Dance Dance - Fall Out Boy.

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May 9th, 2005

09:54 pm - New sites
New sites have been added.


Now go see them and add to them! ^^

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May 3rd, 2005

07:05 pm - Why aren't you people helping me? XD
1) Read the subject.
2) Pause.
3) Reflect.
4) Try to figure it out.
Still need help? Okay, the meaning simply is, why aren't you people helping me out with the site?!?! XD
I'm sooo aloooneeeee!! Save for Mabs and Amand who have been in semi constant contact with me no one is helping me out with new members, the new Goonies Adventures site and what not!
It's NOT easy being a site manager!
I order you all to help me! XD
Anyways, I'm making a new addition to the site, it's going to be called; Goonies_Talk
Basically a tiny little section explaining the lingo and possibly FFXI terms... dunno about that.
But yeah... I now scooch off to my little world.

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May 2nd, 2005

12:38 am - Silence
Well, nobody's posted on here in a while, so I thought I'd liven things up a bit. How's everyone doing? Yeah, that's what I thought. Let's see, some interesting things that have happened over the last few days? Well I talked to Laiata on the phone a couple times, that was great fun. Do you realize that's breaking pretty much THE number one rule of the internet? Oh well, I trust all of the mainstays of the LS. Some of those others tho, not sure about em. XD. Oh, and by the way... I GOT A PEARLSACK! WOOOOOOOT! I'm calm...

Today I also revealed some info that I have never told aaaannnnnyone before. At all.

Well, the point is, I love you guys. Without you guys who knows how long I would have lasted on FFXI. Fearless Leader, Missing-Letter Man, Lady Lai, Der, Noxy (XD!) and everyone else. I've made some good friends that I will remember for the rest of my life. Thanks guys. Oh and about Rhaina, does anyone know what happened to her? Me either. >_>


Current Mood: embarrassedembarrassed
Current Music: Times Like These - Foo Fighters

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April 28th, 2005

12:54 am - Somebody help me...
I need some help. I need to get the hell away from my classes. They offictialy end this friday. Once classes are over guess what happens. You guessed it finals. And they are all on the same day. Some of my friends say they can't wait for classes to be over. They are bloody insane. All that is left is a 7-10 page paper for History 20 class, to which i have 5 pages down now. So it will make the next day so entertaining. I swear it wont end. On to a less serious topic. Can someone tell me how many content updates there have been for FFXI? just curious. Now if i can make it through 5 more days with otu haveing a break down i'll be fine.
deep breath, be calm. just 3 more pages to write, then on to math. Heh, got my warlock to 26. need to stay away from wow until all my work is done. but it is so tempting.

yeah, i looked through the mood icons, there is definitly one labeled "Horny". what... the... f**k... thats even too lame for me.
Current Music: Sound Effects and Overdramtics : The Used

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April 23rd, 2005

03:40 pm - Titan Down
So there I am, leveling my godlike Samurai job, kicking the ass of some poor comparatively defenseless Lizard, when things start to get weird. I try to use Tachi: Hobaku, but it doesn't work. I try again...and still nothing happens. This is when I notice that the mage had been casting cure for a good 30 seconds. Then... I notice that nobody is attacking, and that I am the only one moving around. I glance up at the connection, and GOD DAMN IT! It's at 60% and declining. Eventually I get booted back to PlayOnline. Then, about 45 minutes and 3000 failed attempts to log back in later, they put up a notice that theres emergency maintenance on several worlds. Grr, I swear man... after that Update things have been goin all to hell XD. Oh well, I'm done whining now.


Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Everything You Want - Vertical Horizon

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